11 June
International dance and song contest - festival
Event location Zadar, Starigrad Paklenica, Kroatija
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Event planning center „Terra Astrum“ presents a dance and song festival – contest „ADRIATIC ZADAR OPEN 2024“ in ZADAR, Croatia,

 The festival – contest „ADRIATIC ZADAR OPEN 2024“ will be held on 11- 15 of June Zadar is a city of Croatia located in peninsula next to the Adria sea and here you can find anything you need to relax after a tense season: sea, sun, great views, historical but also modern old town, beautiful places in Zadar and also in other Croatia areas.

The festival consists of three parts: 1. The contest program in the National theatre of Croatia in Zadar. 2. The festival in the city square (the square of the pope John Paul II). 3. The GALA concert in Starigrad Paklenica (the village by the sea near Zadar, you will be living there).

PARTICIPANTS Various dance groups of children, youth and adults (modern, folk, fashion, entertainment, street, tap dance, line dances etc.). Various musical groups (children, youth, adults – vocal groups, ensembles, vocal – instrumental ensembles, choirs). Participants are divided into age groups in the contest part: Kid (4 – 7), Junior (8 – 12), Teen (13 – 16), Youth (17 – 25), Adult (26+). The age group is determined according to the average age of the participants. Participants are not divided into age groups in the festival part.

 REQUIREMENTS 1. Every group presents their program up to 15 minutes in the city square for the festival part and one dance or one song for the contest program in city theatre. 2. The repertoire, fulfillment of the dance or song the image of the collective must correspond to the performer's age and stage aesthetic requirements. 3. Music must be sent by email, wetransfer or other appliancies and recorded on a USB device (it is recommended to have music records of at least two formats – just in case) during the festival. 4. If you are coming with your musicians - write the number of participants, how many instruments you will have, and how much you will need microphones. 

EVALUATIONS Every group will show their 15 minutes long (may be shorter) dance or musical program in the city square (the square of the pope John Paul II) and one dance or song for the contest program in the National theatre of Croatia in Zadar. The competitive performances of the groups in the contest part will be judged by the jury. The techniques, dance ideas, aesthetic presentation, originality of the dances will be evaluated. For the vocal groups the vocals, performance, scene aesthetics will be evaluated. The winners of the I, II, III places will be selected in each group. Each group will be awarded the awards and prizes of the competition. On the third day of the festival, the participants will dance in the GALA concert in Starigrad Paklenica (the village by the sea near Zadar, you will be living there). The festival and the GALA concert are not judged by the jury. The phonograms should not contain back vocals. The songs can be performed acapella, with phonogram or accompanied by instruments (participants should bring their own instruments if needed). Participants should specify the number of musicians and types of instruments. If you need microphones for the instruments – please specify.

V.a. CONDITIONS OF THE COMPETITION/LIVE 1. Participating in the festival costs 198 euros. The price covers accommodation for the four nights in Starigrad Paklenica (village – about 40 kilometers from Zadar, from the place where the festival will be held, typical Croatian houses, villas witch host 20-30 people), meals (lunch and dinner for four days in Zadar); participants fee, prizes, resort costs etc. Groups above 25 persons may take one person for free, groups above 45 persons may take two persons free of charge (25+1 and 45+2; the free person could be a group leader, a driver, etc.) 2. You have to arrive to the festival at your own expense. It is your choice how to arrive in the festival. You can take a plane or travel by bus, visiting other countries on the way (we can help you in finding the bus). 3. Croatia is a member of the European Union, so you need to have a valid ID card, but you do not need passports and visas. From 2023 Croatia  is a Schengen area a. Croatian currency is Euro. 4. Dance or vocal groups, who want to participate in the competition in Zadar, should send an application form (see below) until June 01 by e-mail: and transfer 50% of the participants' fee (MB Bonum festum, No. LT914010051003729863) - until May 15. The remaining part is paid on arrival at the festival.

5. The program of the festival is as follows: June 11 (Tuesday) – arrival, registration, accommodation June 12 (Wednesday) – the dance contest in Zadar Theater, parade from the theater to the city square, and the festival in the city square. June 13 (Thursday) – excursions, free time. June 10  the GALA concert in Starigrad Paklenica. June 11 (Saturday) – departure

V.b. CONDITIONS OF THE COMPETITION/VIRTUALLY  1. Every group presents their one dance or song for each group (one dance or song duration till 5 minutes). 2. This is a competition for groups, not solo. The minimum number of participants is 5 persons per dance or song. 2. Dance or musical video should be sent by or Youtube link sent till 2024 June 10. Video requirements: (Stage Videos) can be from another competition or any stage performance (Studio Videos) can be recorded on any camera or phone at your studio or another big space. 3. Participation fee: virtually - 14 eur./person/per dance, vocal. The fee includes participation in the dance festival, medals, and diplomas for every participant, trophy for the group leader and shipment of the prizes for virtual participants.

Participant’s Fee should be paid to MB Bonum festum, No. LT914010051003729863 - until June 05 th. or paid upon arrival at live festival. VII. Competition Organizers Event organizing center „Terra Astrum“ Contacts: Edgaras Šnipaitis, phone number: +370-686 96084, email:



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