Kaunas Fest 2020

24 October
Dance festival-competition
Event location Kauno Žalgirio arenos amfiteatras.Karaliaus Mindaugo pr. 50, Kaunas 44334,
Event type

DANCE FESTIVAL – CONTEST "Kaunas Fest" 2020 October 24   will be held in Kaunas , Lithuania 20 Junr in  Zalgirio Arena “Bosca” amphitheatre (Kauno Žalgirio arena,Karaliaus Mindaugo pr. 50, Kaunas 44334, )

GOALS 1. Create conditions for dance groups from different countries and cities to perform. 2. Promote dancers and their leaders’ cooperation. 3. Search for new forms of expression. 4. Pursue that dancers would feel the movement, creation, performance and self – expression joy. 5. Share experience and pay attention to higher performance level. 6. To introduce the dance as one of the ways to encourage a healthy lifestyle and leisurely spending time.

PARTICIPANTS Dance groups for children, youth and adults (modern, folk, fashion, entertainment, street, line, etc.). Participants are divided to age groups: I. Peas (2-4 yr.) II . Children (4-7 yr.) III. Juniors (8-12 yr.) IV. Youngsters (13-816yr.) V. Youth (16-20 yr.) VI. Adults (from 20 yr. and older) REQUIREMENTS 1. Every group present their one or two dances . 2. Music must be recorded on a USB storage device (it is recommended to have music records of at least two formats – just in case). 3. If you are coming with your musicians - write the number of participants, how many instruments you will have, and how much you will need microphones.

CONDITIONS OF THE COMPETITION . Participating in festival costs 9 euros – one dance 14 euros – two dances 2. You have to arrive to festival at your own expenses. 3. Dance groups who wants to participate in the competition in Kaunas until October 19, can send an application - a completed participant's questionnaire (attached) by e-mail: terrastrum@gmail.com Competition Organizers Event organizing center „Terra Astrum“ Contacts: Edgaras Šnipaitis, phone number: +370-686 96084, email: terrastrum@gmail.com

We are waiting for you in FESTIVAL – CONTEST „KAUNAS FEST 2020 ” in 24 of October!!!


-Full dance group/ a collective name (city)

-Group leader name, surname, phone number, email: What are you going to represent (school, cultural center and etc.)?

-Dance/dances for contest part: title, style, authors, age group and accurate dancers number at the one dance time. (Titles can be specified latter):

-Do you need an invoice (if you will need it please write requisites)?

- Comments, suggestions

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